Types of Membership

TSAA Full Membership:

Principals and Vice-Principals employed by the Board, who have paid the Association’s membership fee and who are members in good standing of the OPC. 

Membership for newly promoted administrators begins on date of appointment.

Associate Membership:

Associate Membership will be available to members who have retired, resigned, are on an unpaid leave, have been promoted to Superintendent within the Board or been seconded to a position outside the Board and who are in good standing with the Association.   The annual fee for an associate membership is $75.00 ( 10% of the full membership fee).

Associate members may attend TSAA social events but will be required to pay for attendance at Association Conferences (contact the TSAA Office).

Term Membership:

The fee for Term members, who are working as retired/casual administrators is $150.00 per year and will entitle these members to the same professional advice and support that is available to full members.  Membership fee does not include attendance to Association Conferences.

  Please note:

        Membership is on a yearly basis and expires on August 31 of each year.