Why join TSAA?

We offer support to members in a variety of ways.   Our objectives are enshrined in our Constitution.

 The TSAA works for you on three levels: 

  1. Provincially with the OPC
  2. Locally with the TDSB
  3. Individually with members of the TSAA 

Provincially with the OPC:

  • Represents issues facing Toronto administrators
  • Concurs with OPC/Negotiating Teams across the province re: Terms and Conditions
  • Consults with other school boards on their practices and working conditions
  • TSAA Chair and Vice Chair and 2 Executive Members are Councilors on OPC Council

Locally with the TDSB:

  • Attends meetings where issues pertinent to VPs and Ps are being discussed
  • Sits on Board committees –  Facilities, Budget, staff allocation, Business Services, School Calendar, Secondary/ Elementary Staffing
  • Attends and presents at all Elementary and Secondary VP and P Learning Centre  Meetings
  • Negotiates Terms and Conditions – TSAA is the exclusive negotiating agent for VPs and Ps
  • Moves forward on topics concerning all Administrators (e.g. last week of August)
  • Provides an annual conference experience

Individually with members:

  • Provides support for members in interpersonal relationship issues
  • Liaises with SOEs on behalf of individuals
  • Supports Conference application process
  • Supports PD fund processes
  • Re-directs members to OPC as warranted
  • Offers suggestions for management of school based issues
  • Helps with interpretation of Terms and Conditions
  • Redirects VP and P to appropriate TDSB personnel / departments as needed
  • Provides support for understanding of Miscellaneous Leaves, maternity leaves, payroll issues

The Chair and Vice Chair, representing elementary and secondary interests, are invited to Senior Team Council.  It has become a tradition for TSAA to hold an Annual Conference for members; a significant professional development opportunity.

TDSB recognizes TSAA as representing the professional interests of the Board’s Principals and Vice Principals and is the exclusive negotiating agent for all administrators in the TDSB.

TSAA organizes special events including PD breakfast meetings with speakers, an annual spring dinner, an annual golf tournament and after school social events in a variety of venues. Recent workshop offerings have also included Tax and Retirement Planning.