Fee Structure

  • Membership for a part of a year: Individuals who are promoted during the school year pay membership fees per pay period for the remaining pay periods of that school year including the month in which they are promoted. Otherwise an individual who chooses to become a member during the year must pay the full yearly fee.
  • TSAA member resigns, retires from the TDSB during the year, Membership fees are paid from the beginning of the year until the end of the month during which the member retires/resigns from the TDSB. The member must notify the Association as to the date on which his/her resignation or retirement goes into effect.
  • Associate Membership will be available to members who have retired, resigned, are on an unpaid leave or have been promoted to Superintendent within the Board.  Associate members will receive mailings and may attend General Meetings, breakfast meetings and some social functions but will be required to pay for attendance at Association Conferences.